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Jul 26, 2015

もうひとつの展覧会カタログ  Another exhibition catalogue

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アロハ! デヴェンドラ・バンハートの昨年の展覧会カタログがこれよ。題して「Sphinx Interiors & Other Works」(Galleria Mazzoli刊、イタリア)。エレガントなブック・デザイン。ちょっと高額? でも、ファンには忘れがたいお宝よね!


Aloha! Here you can see the cover of the Devendra Banhart exhibition catalogue of 2014. It’s called “Sphinx Interiors & Other Works” (published by Galleria Mazzoli, Italy). What an elegant cover. Is it a little expensive? But the catalogue will be a unforgettable treasure for all Devendra fans!

And I also want to a copy of the exhibition poster!...

Jul 25, 2015

トゥインク! トゥインク!  Twink! Twink!

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すごーい! トゥインクの新作『シンク・ピンクⅡ』が本当にリリースされました! ジャケットを見て! 撮影された場所はロンドンのHolland Park。そう、『シンク・ピンク』のジャケットが撮られた場所と同じなのよ!

そして、もうひとついいニュース。サイケの大名盤『シンク・ピンク』のモノラル盤LPが、8月にサンビーム・レコーズから再発されるの。この夏はトゥインクの季節? バテるかもしれないけど!

Amazing! Twink’s new album called “Think Pink 2”has really come out! Look at the cover! The cover photo was taken in the Holland Park, London. Yes, it’s the same place as on the cover of the 1970’s “Think Pink”!

And, another good news. The great masterpiece album of psychedelic rock music “Think Pink” MONO vinyl version LP will be out in August on Sunbeam Records. This summer is the season of Twink? But maybe you will crack up...

Jul 20, 2015

プレス・カラー  Press Color

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ワオ! 8月14日に、リジー・メルシエ・デクルーの名作『プレス・カラー』(1979年)が、2枚組LPになってZE Recordsから再発されるわ。全18曲よ! ローザ・イエメンの6つの楽曲はもちろん収録されているわ(必聴よ!)。ジャケットは見開き仕様。ナンバリング入りで、ヴィヴィアン・ゴールドマン(!)のライナーノーツを含む8ページのカラー・ブックレットと、ポスター付き。何てビューティフル!

Wow! On the 14th August, Lizzy Mercier Descloux’s masterpiece “Press Color” (originally released in 1979) will be re-issued as a double LP from ZE Records. It has 18 tracks, including the 6 songs of Rosa Yemen of course (That’s quite important!). Gate-fold sleeve. Numbered edition. With a 8 pages color booklet with liner notes by Vivian Goldman (!) and a poster. How beautiful!

Jul 18, 2015

全アシッド・フォーク・ファンのために  For all hippie folk fans

あなたはアシッド・フォークの熱心なリスナー? 河添剛さん監修の本『アシッド・フォーク』の読者? チェリー・レッド傘下グレープフルーツが6月にリリースした3枚組アンソロジー『Dust on the Nettles: a journey through the British underground folk scene 1967- 1972』のことはもう知ってる? 当時は発表されなかった珍しい曲をたくさん含む、全体で4時間弱もある63曲を収録した『Dust on the Nettles』は、60年代後半の英フォーク・シーンが経験した変容を検証するアルバムよ。60年代後期から70年代初期の英アンダーグラウンド・ヒッピー・フォーク・ムーヴメントの姿をあらわにした、これまでになく最も重要で広範囲な内容のアンソロジーに違いないわ。美しくてゴージャスな、36ページもあるブックレット付き。ワオ! おススメよ!

Are you a sincere listener of acid folk? Are you a reader of the book “Acid Folk” supervised by Tsuyoshi Kawasoe? Have you already known that Cherry Red imprint Grapefruit released the 3CD various artists anthology “Dust on the Nettles: a journey through the British underground folk scene 1967- 1972” last month? With 63 tracks, including a large number of rare recordings that were never issued at that time, and a total running time of just under four hours, “Dust on the Nettles” examines the metamorphosis that British folk underwent during the late 1970s. This must be the most important and wide-ranging anthology to appear thus far of the UK underground hippie folk movement of the late 1960s / early 1970s. Featuring a beautiful and gorgeous 36-page booklet. Wow! HIGLY RECOMMENDED!

Jul 14, 2015

ヤッコ・ガードナーって?  Who’s Jacco Gardner?

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こんにちは! 私は今、5月にリリースされたアルバム『Hypnophobia』がとてもステキだって思っているところ。ヤッコ・ガードナーのセカンド・アルバムよ。イギリスでも、アメリカでも、彼のアルバムは好評よ。彼のシングル曲は、イギリスでは今週のベストに選ばれたわ! 彼は1988年生まれ。オランダ出身の若いアーティストで、マルチ・プレイヤーなの。彼を「天才」と呼ぶ人、「博識の人」と呼ぶ人もいるわ。シド・バレット、ドノヴァン、アーサー・リー、それにマーク・フライを魂の導き手として意識する彼の、バロック・サイケ・ポップなそのアルバムは、凝集された夢想的状態を確かに創造しているの。

目下ヤッコ・ガードナーは、自身のバンドとともに、アメリカ&ヨーロッパ・ツアーを敢行中。昨年はオースティン・サイケ・フェスティヴァルにも出演したし(彼曰く、あれはこれまでで一番ステキなステージだった、って)、ロッキー・エリクソンとショウをしたこともあるの! 彼はもっとビッグになると思うわ。だから、まず『Hypnophobia』を聴いて!

Hi! Now I’m thinking that the album “Hypnophobia” is really nice. It’s the 2nd full-length album by Jacco Gardner. The album is well received both in the UK and the US. His single record was “the best song of the week” in the UK! Jacco, born in 1988, is a young artist / multi-instrumentalist from the Netherlands. Someone calls him “genius” and “polymath”. With nods to Syd Barrett, Donovan, Arthur Lee and Mark Fry as spiritual guides, his album’s baroque psych-pop created a cohesive dream state really.

At this moment, Jacco Gardner’s touring the US and the EU together with his band. Last year he appeared the Austin Psych Fest (According to himself, it was the most beautiful stage they ever played!), and he also played a show with Rocky Erickson! I believe he will become bigger. So, try to listen to “Hypnophobia”! Thank you!

Jul 11, 2015

僕はラーメン通りで麺を喰い残した  I Left My Noodle on Ramen Street

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デヴェンドラ・バンハートの最初の画集『I Left My Noodle on Ramen Street(僕はラーメン通りで麺を喰い残した)』がPRESTELからとうとう刊行されたわ! 美しいアートブック、楽しいアートブック、偉 大なアートブックよ! デヴェンドラが日本で制作した絵や写真も収められているわ! 彼のママの写真も!(何てきれいでスウィートなママ!) そしてアントニー、ベック、アダム・グリ―ン、ディエゴ・コルテス、ジェフリー・ダイチのテキストもついているの! おススメよ!



ところで私、実はずっとデヴェンドラのアートブックを集めているの。2006年にイタリアのエミリオ・マッツォーリ画廊が刊行したゴージャスな展覧会カタログ『Devendra Banhart / Drawings 1999-2006』(3冊組、 マテア・バイムとのレコーディングを収めたCD付き、500部限定)はもちろん持っているわ。そして今は、同じギャラリーから刊行された新しい展覧会カタログも入手しようと思っているの。当然でしょ? だって私はデヴェンドラの大ファンだもの!

Finally, Devendra Banhart's first monograph titled "I Left My Noodle on Ramen Street" has come out from PRESTEL! This is a beautiful artbook, an interesting artbook and a great artbook! It also includes some drawings and photographs Devendra executed in Japan! You can also see the photos of his mum! (What a beautiful and sweet mum!) With texts by Antony, Beck, Adam Green, Diego Cortez and Jeffrey Deitch! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Tsuyoshi Kawasoe from ULYSSES, who's got the book immediately, says, "Devendra is a drawing artist essentially. And he's not so-called the American-type artist. In other words, he is not an artist who likes to make big sized works without reasons. But he's not different from Klee. He's not a conceptual person. I think it's quite good. Probably he is getting a big freedom through a hole of a sewing needle."

Leaving his noodle on Ramen street, that's an expression of his freedom too! LOL

I actually have collected Devendra's artbooks for years, by the way. That gorgeous exhibition catalogue "Devendra Banhart / Drawings 1999-2006" (3 book set, with a CD performed by Matteah Baim and Devendra Banhart, limited edition of 500) published by Emilio Mazzoli Galleria d'Arte Contemporanea, Italy, 2006 is one of my collection, that's needless to say. And now, I will get his new exhibition catalogue from the same gallery of course. I'm a great Devendra Banhart fan!

Jul 5, 2015

いい話  Nice interview

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ハロー! 最近知ったことなんだけど、今年新たに再発されたティラノザウルス・レックスの最初の3枚のアルバム(『My People Were Fair...』、『Prophets, Seers & Sages』と 『Unicorn』)をひっさげて、プロデューサーのトニー・ヴィスコンティがイギリスの新聞にマーク・ボランとスティーヴ・ペレグリン・トゥックとの関わりについて話しているのよ。






Hello! This is what I read recently. With the first three Tyrannosaurus Rex albums ("My People Were Fair...", "Prophets, Seers & Sages" and "Unicorn") newly reissued this year, their producer Tony Visconti tells a British paper about his relationship with Marc Bolan and Steve Peregrine Took.

"What I saw in Marc Bolan was raw talent. I saw genius"

"Marc was sensitive and poetic. All his songs were very, very sincere. The lyrics are just beautiful. There's a splash of Tolkien but there's also a lot of pop philosophy. He wasn't faking that. And he was not a hippie. He didn't take drugs"

"Steve was a creative back-up singer. His ideas were really his ideas. And he could play more instruments than Marc. He was from another planet. He lived on the street occasionally. He used drugs a lot. But I love him. When he was homeless, he would sleep at my place. I actually had a close relationship with him"

"They were younger than me. At that time, Marc Bolan and David Bowie often visited at me. I was their big American cousin in Earls Court"

What a nice interview!...