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Apr 21, 2013

ありがとう、パズ! Thank you, Paz Lenchantin!

(English follows)
先週木曜日にSOUPで行われたパズ・ランチャンタンのショウはとてもよかったわ! ベースとヴァイオリンを弾き、ヴェルヴェット・アンダーグラウンドの「ヴィーナス・イン・ファーズ」のカヴァーもし、ステージでセクシーに動き続ける彼女は、アヴァンギャルドなアーティストというよりむしろ音楽に祝福された崇高な女神。そして、そう、パズは同時に本当にかっこよかったの! SOUPのオーディエンスはみんな、とっても感動していたわ。ありがとう、パズ!




パズのオープニング・アクトを務めた林拓について。「タクは素晴らしい! いつか一緒にプレイしたいわ! 私はセンシティヴなので、誰彼かまわず一緒にプレイしたいとは思わないの。私が一緒にプレイしたいのはいつもエントランス・バンドとジョセフィン・フォスター。そして今は、タク・ハヤシもそこに加えるわ」



とてもビューティフルなパズ、また日本に来てね! 私達はあなたのことがとても好きよ! YES。

Taku Hayashi
Paz Lenchantin's solo show at SOUP last Thursday was so beautiful!   Paz, who played the bass and violin, also sang the cover of the Velvet Underground's classic "Venus in Furs", and kept on moving so sensually on the stage, was a sublime goddess blessed by music rather than an avant-garde musician.   And, YES, she was really COOL too.  The audience were much impressed with her.  Thank you, Paz!

Paz is a friendly, open and kind person.  We were lucky enough to talk a lot with her.  For example;

On The Entrance Band.  "We have finally completed the recordings for our second album last month.  We used various good ideas.  We, The Entrance Band, have developed and matured.  The Entrance Band is my dream band really.  More than The Beatles for me!  I would be happy if you enjoy our new album.  But I think we will release the EP before that...  Guy Blakeslee has already stopped taking drugs.  He has been totally sober for long and he's brighter ever than before.  Also, he's still intelligent and so gentle as before.  Derek W. James has a pretty baby now!  He's funny and he's the best DJ too.  I want to come back to Japan next time with The Entrance Band!"

On Guy Blakeslee and Josephine Foster.  "I happened to find both of them at the same time at a show, probably in 2002.  Then I thought, wow, they're are great!  Since that time, we have been close friends.  I gave Guy a very good guitar that my brother (who passed away very young) had used to play during his lifetime.  So, now Guy is my brother.  Josephine kindly invited me to the recording for her great album "Blood Rushing".  Her another album, that has been recorded in Nashville is great too.  I think it will come out very soon."

On Taku Hayashi who played as an opening act for her.  "Taku is fantastic!  I want to play with him together someday!  I'm sensitive about music, so it's difficult for me to play with everybody.  I always want to play with The Entrance Band and Josephine Foster.  But now I'm pleased to add Taku Hayashi."

On herself.  "I love Man Ray.  I love the art of surrealists.  I love Octavio Paz and some French writers.  I love classic music.  I definitely prefer vinyl to CD.  I love ballet.  My favorite city is Paris.  My last name is from French.  I don't smoke and drink alcohols, except while I am in Japan.  Haha!"

and so on...

Beautiful Paz, please come back to Japan again very soon!  We all love you!  YES.

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