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Apr 25, 2013

期待される林拓 Taku Hayashi Who's Much Expected Now

(English follows)
林拓は偉大なアーティスト?もちろんそうよ! ユリシーズ・ボーイズが彼を発見して大絶賛した2009年以来、林拓の音楽はずっと偉大なままだった。それに、ますます良いものになっているの。実際、彼が昨年リリースした『オデュッセイア』というアルバムは、本当に、本当に、衝撃的なアルバムだったわ。ひどく奇妙なのにポップで、かっこよくて、フォーキーでオーガニックで、美しい、真の傑作アルバムがあれ。私達はみんな、彼のことを「大物」だって確信しているの。






"Odyssey" by Taku Hayashi
"Jolie Madame Live in Japan 2010"
by Bridget St. John with Taku Hayashi

Is Taku Hayashi a great artist?  Of course! Since 2009, when Ulysses Boys found him and gave him rave review, his music has been great.  And it got better and better.  Actually, the album "Odyssey" he released last year was a real real shocking album.  Very strange but pop, cool, folk, organic and beautiful, and it was a true masterpiece album.  We are all sure that he is "a great musician".

The good news is the number of people who admire him is increasing even abroad.  Devendra Banhart praises Taku Hayashi's "Odyssey" very much.  Linda Perhacs seriously discussed his music in this blog.  (Thank you, Linda!)  Bridget St. John, who toured Japan with him in 2010, said Taku Hayashi was like Kevin Ayers.  And Paz Lenchantin, who came to Japan not so long ago, said she would like to join his recordings and Josephine Foster was totally impressed by him.  He performed as an opening act for Josephine Foster's show in Kyoto on April 17, and for Paz Lenchantin's show on the next day, the 18th and made a profound impression.

And that's not all.  The other day, an interview with Ana Kraš, as the head of young interior designer, has appeared in the German online culture magazine "Aqua01".  She was asked what was her favorite music and she answered "Recently a friend sent me a CD by a Japanese author named Taku Hayashi, and I was blown away by some of the songs.  The album is called Odyssey".  This is the first time that Taku Hayashi’s name has appeared in the media outside Japan!  Thank you, Ana!

I have met Ana before.  She is a talented artist who became famous worldwide by making "bonbon lamp" etc.  She is Devendra Banhart's girlfriend. She is kind, friendly, reliable, a good cook and beautiful.  She is a great woman.  She is a backing vocalist in Devendra's new album "Mala".  I have put her recent video here. Devendra is with her too.  Please have a look!

And back to Taku Hayashi, as you already know, he has formed a 4-piece band called "anapple" and he is developing a great music.  According to Tsuyoshi Kawasoe, who has listened to anapple's recent live recordings, "They are already out of control. Anapple is totally wild, elegant and off the edge.  Anapple's music is beautiful like a live version of 'The Wizard' by Tyrannosaurus Rex in 1968."   According to Osamu Taira, "I don't know what to do.  I can't concentrate on my work if I listen to anapple."  Wow!   Please keep an eye on Taku Hayashi's activities!  And what we aspire is anapple's album.  We can hardly wait for the new work, Taku!   We love you!

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