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Jun 25, 2012

7月7日  July 7th

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またまたコンニチハ! 7月7日は七夕の日。織姫と彦星が大空でデートする日。でも、今年の七夕は違うのよ。私達が『オデュッセイア』をリリースした林拓と東京で出会う日なの。そう、彼がライヴをするのよ! すごく楽しみ! 待ちきれないわ! あなたもぜひ来てね! 会場は落合SOUP。ライヴの詳細はこちらをどうぞ。

でも、林拓が好きな人たちは私達だけじゃないわ。友達から聞いたんだけど、先日は松山晋也さんが『CDジャーナル』で彼のことをとても良く書いてくれたそうなのよ。すごいわね! 松山さんはなんて素晴しい人! そういえば、彼も『ユリシーズ』ではステキな原稿を書いていたわ。

7月7日はぜひビューティフルなイヴニングを過ごしましょう。林拓の音楽とともに! ありがとう! またね!

Hello again!  The 7th July is the day of the Festival of the Weaver.  It's when Vega and Altair have a date in the big sky.  But the day of this year is different.  It's the day when we meet with Taku Hayashi, the artist of "Odyssey", in Tokyo.  Yes, he'll play live then at SOUP, Ochiai!  How exciting!  Can't wait!  Come and join us!  For further details, please visit
Incidentally, this event is presented by ULYSSES and Reconquista (ULYSSES' friend record shop).  We all love Taku Hayashi and his magical album "Odyssey" very much, as you have known well.

However, we are not the only ones who love Taku Hayashi.  According to a friend of mine, Shinya Matsuyama, a famous music critic, wrote a good review on Taku the other day for the magazine called "CD Journal".  Great!  What a wonderful guy Mr. Matsuyama is!  I remember, he always wrote nice things for "ULYSSES" too.

Guys, let's spend a beautiful evening together on the 7th July.  In enjoying the music of Taku Hayashi!  Thank You!  See you very soon!

Jun 24, 2012

またね!  See You!

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Today is the last day of "ULYSSES EXPOSED".  It's a very fun and pop art show at Gallery Chifuriguri, Sendai.  Guys, please enjoy!

Here's the article on the exhibition, appeared in Asahi Shimbun (One of the most famous daily newspapers in Japan).  I believe it's useful for you.  Thank you very much, Asahi Shimbun!

ULYSSES will keep on having such interesting events.  ULYSSES is very much  looking forward to meeting with you again at various places.  See you then!

Jun 19, 2012

ありがとう、仙台!  Thank You, Sendai!

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仙台のギャラリーチフリグリで、金曜日に始まったばかりの「ユリシーズ・エクスポーズド」展。ラジオ局はこの展覧会のことをニュースにしたの。朝日新聞は展覧会を取材したの。ありがとう、仙台! ユリシーズは仙台のことを愛しているわ!



"ULYSSES EXPOSED", which has just started last Friday at Gallery Chifuriguri, Sendai.  The news on the exhibition was put on the air.  A reporter from Asahi Shimbun (One of the most famous newspapers in Japan.) came to the gallery to gather news materials.  Thank you, Sendai!  ULYSSES love Sendai so much!

Last Saturday, Tsuyoshi Kawasoe did the gallery talk.  Then, Taku Hayashi played live.  Taku, who also played his 2 new songs, binded the all audience with a spell immediately.  Amazing, they say Sendai people were struck deeply by his singing and playing (I do wish I were there...).

"ULYSSES EXPOSED" is till the 24th June.  Guys, go to Gallery Chifuriguri!  Thank youuuuuuuuuu!

Jun 13, 2012

「ユリシーズ・エクスポーズド」始まる!  "ULYSSES EXPOSED" Is Beginning!

ポスター、写真、グラフィックを満載した、とってもポップな展覧会「ユリシーズ・エクスポーズド」が、とうとう明日から仙台のギャラリー・チフリグリで始まるの。みんな、準備はできた? 展覧会へGO! ありがとう!

The very pop art show called "ULYSSES Exposed", with full of posters, photographs and graphics, is finally starting tomorrow at Gallery Chifuriguri, Sendai, Japan.  Are you ready for the show?  Let's go to the gallery!  Thank you!

Jun 6, 2012

「ユリシーズ・エクスポーズド」展のチラシ  Flyer for "ULYSSES EXPOSED"

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これが「ユリシーズ・エクスポーズド」展のチラシ。キュートね! ギャラリー・チフリグリさん、ありがとう! 展覧会の開催が本当に待ち遠しいわ!

そして、注目! 6月16日には会場でスペシャル・イヴェントが開催されるのよ。夕方6時から河添剛さんによるギャラリー・トーク、そして、信じられないことに、傑作アルバム『オデュッセイア』をリリースしたばかりの林拓のライヴが。誰にとっても刺激的な夕べになることは間違いなし。だから、みんな、展覧会へGO!

ユリシーズはすごいわ! 音楽雑誌が美術展をやるなんて例外よね。すごくユニークなこと……。

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This is a flyer for "ULYSSES EXPOSED".  Cute!  Thanks, Gallery Chifuriguri!  Can't wait at all for the beginning of the exhibition!

And, pay attention!  A special event will be held at the gallery on the 16th June; From 6 pm Tsuyoshi Kawasoe will do the gallery talk.  And then amazingly, incredible Taku Hayashi, who has just released the great masterpiece album "Odyssey", will play live.  It will be an exciting evening for all of you.  So, guys, let's go to "ULYSSES EXPOSED"!

ULYSSES is great!  It's quite exceptional for a music magazine to curate an art show.  It's so unique really...