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May 1, 2012

シルヴァーヘッドのこと On Silverhead

(English follows)
先日東京で行なわれたシルヴァーヘッドの再結成ライヴ(何と38年ぶりの来日!)は凄かったそうよ! ユリシーズ・ボーイズの河添剛さんと平治さんは大はしゃぎしたんですって! 大興奮したんですって! 「2012年のシルヴァーヘッドは明らかに1970年のローリング・ストーンズよりもはるかに偉大だ」と河添さんが言えば、「シルヴァーヘッドを語ることでデヴィッド・ボウイの存在を鮮明化するようなロック・ミュージックの批評的環境を、河添と僕ならすぐにでも用意できると思うね」と平さんが応じたわ。すてきね! そして、あー、私もシルヴァーヘッドを見たかった! 私、実はマイケル・デバレスって最高のヴォーカリストの一人だと思っているのよ。彼は今なお凶暴で、悪魔的で、エロティックな声の持ち主よね? しかも彼は不健康なくらいビューティフルな男性よ。要するに、カッコいいの。

ところで、シルヴァーヘッドにとっても今回の東京公演はひどく特別なものになったと思うわ……。ギタリストのロビー・ブラントには高齢のママがいたの。そのママは彼が東京のホテルに着くや否や心臓発作で亡くなったわ。彼がどんな辛い思いでステージに立っていたかは想像もできない! もちろんロビーを思いやる他のメンバーも!……



Silverhead - From Michael Des Barres Official Website

Live at the Rainbow London / Silverhead
Silverhead, the legendary British rock band that recently reunited, played in Tokyo the other day (Amazing, it was after a long interval of 38 years!), that was so great as people say.  Tsuyoshi Kawasoe and Osamu Taira from ULYSSES BOYS were so playful and excited then!  Tsuyoshi says, "Silverhead in 2012 is obviously much greater than the Rolling Stones in 1970", and Osamu adds immediately, "I believe Tsuyoshi and I will be able to get ready soon to write an interesting critic on rock music in making clear what David Bowie is to think about Silverhead at the same time".  Fantastic!  And, my God, I wish I had rushed into the Silverhead concert then!  In fact, I think Michael Des Barres is one of the greatest rock vocalists.  Still his voice is violent, demonic and erotic, isn't it?  Also, he is an unhealthy beautiful man.  In short, Michael is COOL.

By the way, I believe, it was a very special event in Tokyo for Silverhead too...  The guitarist Robbie Blunt's elderly mother passed away of sudden heart attack as soon as he had arrived at his hotel in Tokyo.  I never imagine how sad Robbie was in standing on the stage at that night at all.  Of course, other Silverhead were too!...

When I let Tsuyoshi Kawasoe know of that yesterday, he lost his words for a while, and then said sadly, "You know, we the audience enjoyed totally deeply and innocently about the crazy Silverhead at that night, in knowing nothing sadness.  Robbie on the stage kept in smiling at the audience.  However, now I remember just one strange thing.  In playing 'Long Legged Lisa', Robbie's guitar was out of tunings so badly.  Then other band mates were upset, but Robbie himself looked coolly.  I don't know exactly, but I wonder now if his mother's name was Lisa (Elisabeth)..."

The audience and Silverhead shared an unforgettable experience in Japan again, anyway.  It was the Japanese people who felt excited with Silverhead firstly.  Since then, that's been the same.  3 Silverhead albums in the paper sleeve edition (mini LP format) are still available in Japan.  You know what that means, don't you?

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