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May 29, 2011

ニッキ・サドゥンの自伝が出ていた! Nikki Sudden's autobiography's already come out!

みんな、これは驚きよ! ニッキ・サドゥンの自伝がすでに刊行されていたの。ローマの出版社アルカナから、今年英語版で、本のタイトルは『The Last Bandit』よ!……え、ニッキ・サドゥンって誰って? 詳細を知りたかったら『ユリシーズ』第3号をぜひ読んで。彼はスウェル・マップスのメンバーで、ジャコバイツのメンバーだった人。ジョニー・サンダース、テレヴィジョン・パーソナリティーズ、デュラン・デュラン(!)、プライマル・スクリーム、R.E.M.、ゴー・ビトウィーンズ、オアシス、マイク・スコット(ウォーターボーイズ)、イアン・マクレガン、ウィルコ、ミック・テイラー(元ローリング・ストーンズ)、その他の友達だった人。ロックンローラーと吟遊詩人の間にいた人。ジャコバイツの1985年のアルバム『Robespierre's Velvet Basement』を聴いてみて。美しくて、切なくて、リリカルで、オンボロの、ピュアなロックンロールがそこには詰まっているわ。彼の2004年のアルバム『Treasure Island』を聴いてみて。ニッキはこのアルバムを作るために生まれたんだということがあなたにもきっと分るわ。ニッキは残念なことに2006年にニューヨークで亡くなったの。アメリカ・ツアーの最後のギグの後に、49歳で。







私が大好きなキース・リチャーズの自伝『Life』が先日日本語版でも出たけど、そのキースに外見がとてもよく似ているニッキ・サドゥンの魅力は、日本ではどうも『ユリシーズ』読者の間でのみ共有されているだけで、それが私にはちょっと悲しいの。みんなもぜひ彼の『The Last Bandit』を読んで。オススメの一冊よ!

"The Last Bandit"  Nikki Sudden

Hi, folks!  This is amazing, for Nikki Sudden's autobiography has already come out on Arcana, the Rome based publisher, in the English language edition this year.  The book's title is "The Last Bandit"!... What?  You ask who Nikki Sudden is?  Read "ULYSSES"#3, and you'll know the details on him.  Nikki Sudden was a member of Swell Maps.  He was a member of Jacobites.  He was a friend of Johnny Thunders, Television Personalities, Duran Duran (!), Primal Scream, R.E.M., The Go-Betweens, Oasis, Mike Scott (Waterboys), Ian McLagan, Wilko, Mick Taylor (ex-Rolling Stones) and so on.  He was between a rock'n'roller and a troubadour.  Try to listen to the Jacobites' 1985 album "Robespierre's Velvet Basement".  That are full of beautiful, heartbreaking, lyrical, ragged and pure rock'n'roll souls.  Try to listen to his 2004 album "Treasure Island".  I believe you'll find he was born to make this album.  Sadly, Nikki passed away, in 2006 in New York, at 49 after the last gig of his American Tour... Sadly, again...

I heard from Tsuyoshi Kawasoe, a ULYSSES boy, who was a friend of Nikki during his lifetime, on his impression about his autobiography.

"That's an interesting book.  Some very pure romanticism appears from his description full of sex, drug and rock'n'roll.  In short, Nikki was the man of the anti-times. He never belonged to our times, that was his positive attitude really which meant his rock and roll.  I found out again.  He never gave up on his dreams.  For they would not give up on him.  And you are not allowed to ignore that he was a youthful sincere literary enthusiast.  I've loved him more since I read this book".

On the other hand, Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth said, "Nikki Sudden is the real thing".

And Peter Buck from R.E.M. said, "Nikki is the only guy I ever loaned money to who paid me back".

Or Ryan Adams said, "If you see a Nikki album you don't have, you buy it!".

Oh, yeah, I do agree with you all!

My favorite Keith Richard's autobiography "Life" has come out in Japan the other day, but I feel sorrow for the attraction of Nikki Sudden who looks like Keith, is still little known here aside from the readers of "ULYSSES".  Guys, please read his "The Last Bandit".  That's the one I do recommend you!

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I really miss him!!!