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Oct 18, 2010

林拓の東京公演を観て Have been to Taku Hayashi's live show in Tokyo






I have been to Taku Hayashi's final show in Tokyo on October 13th at Nanahari. Shinsuke Nishizawa (sarangi) and Haruo Inoue (tabla drums) played an improvisation of Indian music with Taku Hayashi as a guest. Muffin, who will do the Italian tour very soon, played her own songs and a cover of Sibylle Baier, followed by Taku Hayashi, the main artist of the night. He played for about one hour. He played solo for almost but for two songs he had backing. (bass: Hirokazu Furukawa, sarangi: Shinsuke Nishizawa, chorus: Teruri) Everything was great! His vocal was luscious with large vibration. And his songs had lyrical freedom with mysterious wildness. His guitar play was highly extemporaneousness and sometimes became percussive and gave delicate Latin flavor. At the beginning he looked a little shy on the stage, but soon he became really cool in playing. I had listened to his great album "May 32nd" many times but his live show was a hundred times greater than that. Mr. Tsuyoshi Kawasoe and Mr. Hisayasu Shimizu were there too and both were with a big smile after the show. No wonder. That night was when Taku Hayashi went from just one of the acid folkie living in Kyoto to a singer-songwriter for all of us!

For those who have unfortunately missed his show this time, we have good news. He will tour again in December and this time with Bridget St. John! Can you belive it? But this is true! And "Ulysses" is giving full corporation to make it happen! Please visit below for more details:


I will let you know when I have an update on this. We can only wait for December, imagining how they will play together. Just to be sure, I would like to remind you that the long interview with Bridget St. John is in the first issue of Ulysses with super rare photographs and her discography. It is an important, historic and great documentary with sincere-spoken style. Mr. Kawasoe went to New York last year to interview her and he is a crazed fan of Bridget...

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