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Aug 14, 2010

エントランス・バンドとの会見(パート3) An Interview with The Entrance Band (Part 3)

実は、エントランス・バンドの来日は今回が初めてじゃないの。今年4月11日に東京・青山で行なわれたサーフ・イヴェント「Freakwaive Tour 2010」に招かれたのが最初。彼らは強烈な演奏をぶちかまして、私達を死ぬほど驚かせたわ。ジミ・ヘンドリックスとブルー・チアーとシド・バレットの唐突な出会いが21世紀の地球でとうとう可能になった、という印象よ。その場にいた“ユリシーズ・ピープル”も全員言葉を失っていたわ。
8月24日に発売される次の『ユリシーズ』には、そのときの会見のことがクールな写真と一緒にバッチリ掲載されるわ。ぜひ読んでね(と、編集長の加藤さんが言っています)。エントランス・バンドをめぐる世界で最初の真剣なテキストになるそうよ! 大特集「スウィンギング・ロンドンからブリティッシュ・サイケデリアへ」と併せて読むと、きっととっても面白いんじゃないかしら?


画家でもある河添剛さんが、彼らのためにとてもサイケデリックなシルクスクリーン・ポスターを作ってプレゼントしたら、3人とも大喜びだったわ! 今まで僕らのために作られたポスターの中で、これが一番かっこいいって! フレームに入れて、部屋に飾りたいって! それを聞いて、河添さんも嬉しそうな笑顔。どんな会見でも、友好的なのが一番ね!

Actually, this wasn't the first visit to Japan for The Entrance Band.  Their first visit was when they were invited to the surf event called "Freakwaive Tour 2010" on April 11 this year.  Their extreme performance knocked us out to death.  Their impression was that the sudden encounter of Jimi Hendrix, Blue Cheer and Syd Barrett became possible on the earth in the 21st century finally.  "Ulysses people" there were blown away too.
The next issue of "Ulysses" will be published on August 24th and the interview with The Entrance Band in April will appear with their cool photographs.  (Enjoy! - from Mr. Kato, our editor in chief.)  It will be the first serious text on The Entrance Band in the world!  I think it will be very interesting to read it along with the featured article "From Swinging London to British Psychedelia".
Lastly, some anecdota on the interview as below;
Guy was into music, art, literature and skateboarding when he was a high school student in Baltimore.  He was a bass player for his first band. His mother is an art teacher, his father is a doctor helping drug rehabilitation.  His brother is a rock climber, they are close in age and good friends!  And I was delighted when Guy praised my favorite band Vetiver.
Multi-instrument player, Paz, plays the guitar, bass, piano and violin with great skills.  But she likes to devote herself playing the bass on the stage.  She's also interested in taking photographs - I think she will be successful as a photographer too!
Derek wants to do the DJing at a club in Tokyo one day.  He listens to music of all sorts with enthusiasm.  His favorite Kevin Ayers' song is Lady Rachel.  One of his recommended artists is Grouper.  He wants to buy the first album of Happy End (as the original vinyl edition, not as CD) next time in Japan.  He just focuses on originals.
Tsuyoshi Kawasoe, who is an artist too, made a very psychedelic silkscreen print and gave it to them - they were very delighted.  They said that it was the best poster ever created for them! And they want to frame it and put it on the wall!  Tsuyoshi was very happy.  For the interviews, it is best to have a friendly atmosphere!

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Cool page! Show the silkscreen print by Tsuyoshi Kawasoe!