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Aug 9, 2010

エントランス・バンドとの会見(パート1) An Interview with The Entrance Band (Part 1)

ガイはとても神秘的で、恥ずかしがり屋で、物静かな思索家肌の人。やっている音楽と全然違うわね! その上、並外れて親切なのよ。やせっぽちで、背が高くて、ハンサムね。普段はメガネをかけていることが多くて、ブルースとボブ・ディランとヨーグルトが好物なの。(私も昨日フローズンヨーグルトを食べたわ。)キュートねえ!
パワフルなドラマーのデレク・W・ジェームスは、誰もが友達にしたくなるような陽気な人。熱狂的な音楽マニアでもあるので、彼と一緒にレコード屋回りをしたら、その日には家に帰れないわよ! もちろん彼もまた意地悪とは正反対の人ね。ガイと同様にとても親切で、ユーモラスで、オープンな性格。ナイス・ガイっていうのは彼のためにあるような言葉よ!
私、以前彼女と話したことがあるのよ! この日もパズとはたくさん話したかったんだけど、彼女ったら湘南に遊びに行ってしまっていて、ホテルになかなか戻ってこなかった……。ガイがいかにもすまなそうな顔つきをしていたわ……。

We saw The Entrance Band at their hotel in Tokyo on August 2nd! They played at Fuji Rock Festival on July 31st. I guess they are already familiar to the "Ulysses" readers. We had a photograph of Tsuyoshi Kawasoe and the leader of the band, Guy Blakeslee hugging each other at Lauren Dukoff's party in the first issue, and Guy was one of the selectors of "The best album in 2009" in the second issue. The Entrance Band is one of the favorite bands of "Ulysses". Yeah! We were so lucky to be able to see them!
Guy is a very mysterious, shy and quiet thinker type person. He is so different from the music he is playing! And he is incredibly kind. He is skinny, tall and very beautiful. He wears glasses usually and his favorites are blues, Bob Dylan and yogurt. (I had frozen yogurt yesterday.) He is so cute!
Derek W. James is a powerful drummer and a cheerful person that everyone wants to become a friend with. He is an enthusiastic music fan, so if you go to record shops with him, you can't go home that day! He is also complete opposite of spite. He is very sweet like Guy, humorous and open-minded. The word "nice guy" is for him!
The genius bass player, Paz Lenchantin, is a very attractive person, who has an allure of complete opposite of a sexy girl with an empty skull. She is really sexy and beautiful but she is very thoughtful, full of passion for music and a little shy - and those come before her appearance.
I have talked with her before! I wanted to talk with her a lot this time but she had gone to Shonan and did not come back... Guy was with a regretful face in front of me indeed.
So the interview was four of us - Guy, Derek, Tsuyoshi (representing "Ulysses") and me. (Paz joined us for the last two minutes, and then they rushed to Narita Airport in a big hurry!) And for this blog, Tsuyoshi interviewed them with a hand-written format. He made a questionnaire and they filled it out. I will post it next time! Bye!


Anonymous said...

The Entrance Baaaaand! The best act at Fuji Rock of 2010, u know, that's true!
So, Lee, where is "part 2" or so?

Lee Elle said...

Hello Anonymous,
I have just posted "Part 2". Enjoy!!